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Fabulous February! Weight Loss With Health

So the Groundhog saw his shadow! 6 more weeks of winter 🙂 Read on about Weight Loss With Health. You can accomplish some great health transformations in 6 weeks if you want to.

What is your priority in your health to improve? If it is healthy weight loss read on.

Anyone can diet, which is taking nutrition out of your intake and lose some weight. But is it improving your health or temporarily changing the numbers on the scale? It has been proven over and over, diets don’t last and people usually gain back more than they lost.

Nutrition is anything we put past our lips and becomes a part of us within 36 hours. Good and not so Good.

Why healthy weight loss ? – Click Here for Benefits and great testimonies

Weight loss with health encompasses mind, body and spirit. You first have to love yourself, believe you deserve to be healthier and  take responsibility.  Decide in your mind, believe in your heart and then take action. Find an accountability partner and/or a coach (like me) to cheer you on and celebrate your accomplishments!

Want healthy glands, organs, bones, muscles etc. start with healthy cells….. Contact me for more information.

This is my before and after picture 7 years ago.

This is my before and after picture 7 years ago.

What about you, how do you keep yourself encouraged to stay healthy? The best question is WHY do you want to stay healthy???

Even though February is the shortest month in the year, you can start today transforming an area of your health that you know needs to improve. Don’t ask anyone else, ask yourself!

If you would like your Free copy of The Healthy Wheel self analysis, please click the link to the right.

Then your next step is to schedule Your free Discovery Session to review your Healthy Wheel and receive suggestions in an area of your health that is important to you!

Best in Health and Prosperity,
Nancy White
“The Healthy Cells Chick”

P.S. Thank you for reading my post.

 P.S.S. I also visualize all my cells smiling and jumping up and down saying Thank You! when I exercise 🙂


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