10 Tips for Weight Loss

Don't you love how everyone wants to tell you the 10 Tips for Weight Loss! Well the truth is there are lots of fad diets, pills, harsh- hard to follow potty cleanses, juice cleanses, wrap products on and on. The only way to stay healthy and maintain your weigh, is incorporating a healthy lifestyle that you can live with the rest of your life. “live it not a diet”.

Teaching children how to make good choices becomes a family lifestyle.

10 Tips for Healthy Weight Loss

  • Water – half your body weight in ounces of purified water
  • Excercise – minimum 10 mins./day. Great, 30 mins. cardio 3xs and strength/resistance 2xs week
  • Nutrition – Protein, Fiber, Healthy Carbs, Healthy Fats, Vitamins & Minerals *breakdown
  • Total body Nutritional Cleansing
  • Stress – Healthy ways to manage
  • Sleep – 7-9 hours
  • Eliminate unhealthy habits
  • Calorie intake in relationship to activities
  • Forgiveness/Gratitude
  • Level energy throughout the dayjunk food comparison

What is one area of your health you would like to transform or improve?

Be kind to yourself and celebrate your successes! Remember it takes 30 days to start a new habit, another 30 days to tweak and then 30 days to become part of your lifestyle.

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Best in Health and Prosperity,

Nancy White

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