I'M NANCY WHITE, The Healthy Cells Chick

I'm a physical  health advisor.


One of my greatest passions is teaching and coaching people to live pro-active, naturally healthy lifestyles. My passion for natural solutions and healthy lifestyles grew from the premature deaths of both my father and brother’s untimely deaths from cancer. My journey into health and wellness was guided by the example of my Mother who lived to be a healthy 96 years old.

Before the popularity of organic foods, nutritional supplementation, and healthy lifestyle modifications, I began my own research and implementation of these concepts in my life and my families' lives. It is a privilege to witness my adult children living their healthiest lives, and seeing other families' lives changed through my coaching and training.

Whether you are a Mom, a Millennial, a Baby Boomer, or are a busy professional, you deserve the tools and resources to be the healthiest most vibrant version of you. I have customized healthy lifestyle plans and coached over 1000 people in their health transformation.

Change starts from within. Optimal health is all about nurturing the mind, body and spirit daily and it all starts with the right mindset. I have stayed 6 sizes down over 14 years. I am aging with grace, stamina, and vitality. Because I am investing in my own self care, I am experiencing the joys of all the seasons of life. It is my passion and purpose to have you experience the same. Work with me, click button below to book a 30 minute free consultation and let's talk on how we can work together.