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Solutions Not Resolutions for New Year

Welcome to the New Year! Most people have already made new resolutions (some are repeats from past new years) lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, stop bad habits.... we have all done it. 90% of new year resolutions disappear within 90…
winter dry skin
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Tips to Soothe Winter Dry Itchy Skin

So what else besides drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of purified water helps your skin?Tips to Soothe Winter Dry Itchy Skin. Winter is more challenging  for some of us than others, just ask those living in upper NY State! But what…
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Why The Healthy Cells Chick?

Greetings, How are your cells doing? I bet someone has never asked you that before! Believe me, I never thought about it 40 years ago. Our bodies are such miracles and mysteries!                         How…