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Be Mindful of Chemicals You Put on Your Skin

Do you know what chemicals are in your skin care? As women, we always need to be mindful about what we’re putting on our body, as well as in our bodies. Watch Nancy's video about the chemicals and toxins found in cosmetics and skincare to learn more.
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Spring Cleansing!

Winter's ending and we’re getting ready for some "Spring Cleansing." Everybody’s insides need a refresh after hibernating all winter. Watch Nancy's video to learn more about it. Watch Nancy's video to learn more.
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Winter Health, What's Your Plan?

Why does Winter Health seem to be more challenging than other times of the year? Eating healthy throughout the winter months can be challenging for many reasons, and the holidays are an obvious one. Food is a large part of most winter celebrations.…
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1st Day of Winter! Coming soon

The 1st day of Winter is coming, are you getting ready? Did you know our seasons change not because of the temperatures, but the shifting of the sun. Winter solstice is the day with the fewest hours of sunlight during the whole year. In the…
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Children Gaining Weight in Summer

Children Gaining Weight in Summer was news to me! I would had thought the opposite, children losing weight during Summer like we did growing up. Playing outside, swimming, going to neighbors to play with friends. According to a recent…
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10 Tips for Weight Loss

Don't you love how everyone wants to tell you the 10 Tips for Weight Loss! Well the truth is there are lots of fad diets, pills, harsh- hard to follow potty cleanses, juice cleanses, wrap products on and on. The only way to stay healthy and…
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Are You Losing Weight?

Are you losing weight, and your health at the same time? Great Article on Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight by Dr. Axe. Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight No Calorie Diet: Our bodies need fat, plus healthy fats actually help you burn fat. Unfortunately,…
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How to Lose Weight Really Quickly!

How to Lose Weight Really Quickly! Isn't that just what every diet promises? Well the truth is Diets don't last and there are reasons why.http://preview.tinyurl.com/failingdiets First - Healthy lifestyles start in your mind. The time…
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How Does Stress Affect Health You Ask?

How does stress affect health, yours and others in your life? Stress that continues without relief can lead to a condition called distress -- a negative stress reaction. Distress can lead to physical symptoms including headaches, upset stomach,…
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How Can You Stop Stress?

Don’t Catch Stress! How Can You Stop Stress? We have all heard that stress is both unhealthy and unavoidable. But did you know that it’s also contagious?