Charlotte Business Interviews the Healthy Cells Chick

Nancy White Helps Charlotte Locals Rejuvenate Their Lives
-Charlotte Business Resources
Nancy White is well-known around Charlotte for being a transformational health coach, as well as for her sincerity, knowledge and passion for living a healthy lifestyle. You probably know her as the Healthy Cells Chick, but what you might not know is the journey that brought her to where she is today.

At the age of 9, Nancy lost her father to Hodgkin’s disease, and when she was a senior at Myers Park High School, she lost her older brother to Leukemia. From there, a passion for health and wellness was born, and her introduction to natural alternatives truly began with her mother, who aged youthfully until her recent death at 96. Having children only further fueled her passion, as she began seeking natural alternatives to traditional over-the-counter medicines or prescriptions whenever possible.

Today, Nancy is a Healthy Lifestyle and Business Advisor at Rejvn8u, and she has assisted over 600 people hoping to improve their health.


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