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The GRT Journal

The G.R.T. Journal was created with a heart's desire for others to have a practical tool to enhance their own healthy lifestyle. It is my prayer, hope and expectation for each person to thrive through their lives here on earth, not just survive.

Take 10 minutes at the end of your day to write down your gratitude's, reflections, and ponder some tips.  Then, go to sleep with a peaceful, grateful heart! (if you have a challenge sleeping, contact me)

Studies reveal that people are about 90% more likely to experience change in their lives when they write down goals, plans, dreams and steps with a date to achieve them. Your G.R.T. Journal is a way to measure your successes and document celebrating achievements. Another key to support your success is to share with someone your goals and victories!

Nancy's G.R.T. journal has helped so much. I practice gratitude every morning, but it has been wonderful having a tool to decompress and reflect over the day's events and appreciate every experience.

– Testimonial by Toni V

Radical Self love Nancy White

Radical Self Love

Self-love is a journey, not a destination. We are always growing and learning how to deepen our appreciation and connection with ourselves.

This is especially important during challenging times in our lives. Radical Self Love is about being conscious and fierce in you're your practice of self-love so that the challenging times become easier.

All relationships start with radically loving yourself first so you can then show up confident and secure creating strong, healthy and loving relationships with others, ready to give and receive Radical Love.