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Congratulations on this joyful, intense, beautiful, messy journey called motherhood! Whether you are a new mom or a seasoned veteran, all moms need self-care. What better way to invest in yourself than to gift yourself the nutrients needed for natural energy, pure nutrition, and sustainable stress management? Being a Homemaking Engineer, you are not only the VP of your family's life but also the role model and teacher for your children to live healthy, fulfilled, and vibrant lives.

If you are a new Mom the extra padding serves an important purpose: It helps store the energy you need to successfully breastfeed. And while it's good to squeeze some exercise into your schedule when you can, try not to hyper-focus on losing weight. Walking with your baby in the stroller is a great way to fit in some exercise and relieve stress. The nutrition we consume is 80% of our quality of health and there are easy, simple ways to incorporate natural, high quality nutrition.

Stop for 5 minutes and do a self-check test. Do not be hard on yourself! It is just a way for you to see where you are today and what area(s) you want to improve.

Did you know it takes your body almost a year to get re-balanced after pregnancy? Good news, there are some natural ways to speed up that re-balancing and help increase your energy levels naturally.
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Baby Boomers

Welcome to the seasoned life! You're a champion! Why not live like a champion?! You've invested in so many people, family, friends, and companies in your life, NOW is the time to focus on YOU!

About 76 million people were born during the baby boomer years, which range from 1946 to 1964. Including Me! Research has shown that people who eat healthy, stay active and avoid tobacco use can significantly lower their risk of developing many of the chronic health conditions we often associate with aging. Yes, we do face some adjustments as we age, but we can age with grace, vitality and stamina.

When was the last time you did a self-check test. Do not be hard on yourself! It is just a way for you to see where you are today and what area(s) you want to improve. Good news, we all get new bodies every 6-8 years, except our nerve cells. which is great! What ever we put past our lips is nutrition and becomes part of us within 36 hours. If nourishing your brain and body for youthful aging and bathing your cells with pure nutrition are important to you, let's chat!

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Cancer Thrivers

We all get new bodies every 6-8 years! Isn’t that a miracle? Our bodies are continually regenerating cell by cell.

Even though some of us have encountered cancer(s), we can work on keeping our PH 7-7.5. In doing so, that becomes part of our healthy prevention, along with some other contributing efforts.

Let’s chat about how you are now living a preventative, healthy lifestyle now, I may have suggestions and information that may enhance what you are currently doing, resulting in more peace of mind and an even healthier body! “Cancer survivors who eat right, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy weight improve their chances of survival, the American Cancer Society says.”


Do you think of health as a personal lifestyle? Do you believe in living in your best life and health based on your own unique needs? If so, you are in good company! Experience the difference that research backed health solutions, world class coaching, and personalized routines can make in your health and life!

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