Solutions, Not Resolutions for New Year

Welcome to the New Year! Most people have already made new resolutions (some are repeats from past new years) lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, stop bad habits…. we have all done it. 90% of new year resolutions disappear within 90 days.

This year why not focus and reflect on the positive habits you have already made, and decide to keep doing them! Then for areas of your life that may need a little transformation, lose weight, detox, exercise, manage stress, drink more water, eat healthier….. decide in your mind, feel in your heart how you will feel when the change occurs and then take action- like Nike – Just Do It!

Remember, it takes 30 days to create a new habit. So give yourself grace and use your calendar. It is helpful, and more successful, if you find an accountability partner to check in with weekly. Be willing to be an accountability cheerleader for someone else too!


If your health needs transforming, diets do not last and can hinder creating healthy cells. Healthy lifestyles do work and last. You will reap so many more quality years and improve your chances of staying in good health. Who else is in your life that needs your to live a long and healthy life?

May you have the healthiest and prosperous 2020!

Nancy White,
“The Healthy Cells Chick”

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