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Spring Cleansing!

Winter's ending and we’re getting ready for some "Spring Cleansing." Everybody’s insides need a refresh after hibernating all winter. Watch Nancy's video to learn more about it. Watch Nancy's video to learn more.
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Children Gaining Weight in Summer

Children Gaining Weight in Summer was news to me! I would had thought the opposite, children losing weight during Summer like we did growing up. Playing outside, swimming, going to neighbors to play with friends. According to a recent…
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Are You Losing Weight?

Are you losing weight, and your health at the same time? Great Article on Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight by Dr. Axe. Unhealthy Ways to Lose Weight No Calorie Diet: Our bodies need fat, plus healthy fats actually help you burn fat. Unfortunately,…
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How to Lose Weight Really Quickly!

How to Lose Weight Really Quickly! Isn't that just what every diet promises? Well the truth is Diets don't last and there are reasons why. First - Healthy lifestyles start in your mind. The time…
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How Stressed Are You - April Stress Relief Month

How stressed are you? Did you even know there was a "stress awareness month" ? April is it! According to many resources, stress is the #1 killer or at least can be traced to 60 degenerative conditions. .    …
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Shed Winter Coats, Shed Winter Weight

The time is now to shed those heavy Winter coats and shed Winter weight. One is a lot easier than the other. I just dropped my favorite Winter coat off at the dry cleaners, so I can put it away until next Winter. Putting on lighter, prettier…
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Solutions Not Resolutions for New Year

Welcome to the New Year! Most people have already made new resolutions (some are repeats from past new years) lose weight, exercise more, sleep better, stop bad habits.... we have all done it. 90% of new year resolutions disappear within 90…