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What Month is March – Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month, since it is in between winter and spring. Winter holidays and hibernating inside during the cold months, have left many of us with cherished memories and unwanted weight gain!

Healthy eating and routine exercise are needed all year round; but many of us need a friendly reminder to get ourselves back on track. Be kind to your body and reacquaint yourself with healthy eating habits and fitness. Replace your unhealthy habits with smart healthier choices for a healthier body.

Healthful eating fuels physical activities at every stage of life.healthy family 2

Well-nourished and active children and teens grow, develop, and learn better. Good nutrition also helps ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful breast-feeding. And, healthful eating and active living help adults and seniors feel their best, work productively, and lower their risk for a variety of conditions.

Fitness at every age comes from a lifestyle that includes good nutrition and regular physical activity. The sooner you start the better your health.

Food and physical activity choices are personal.

Foods nourish your body. Being well-nourished means you get enough of the nutrients your body needs. Part of being well nourished also means eating portions of foods just right for you. The true definition of fitness refers to –


healthy family 4Staying fit means you have a better chance for a higher quality of life, and perhaps a longer one, too.

When you are fit, you:

  • improve your mood, reduce your stress, and increase your energy.
  • reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
  • can look and feel your best.
  • have the physical strength and endurance to do the things you want to do.

Fitness is your good health – at its very best.

Your Healthy Lifestyle is a Process and Maintaining is also a Process. I would be honored to be part of Your Healthy Lifestyle Process.

Best in Health and Prosperity,

Nancy White

Nancy White, “The Healthy Cells Chick”

Nancy White is a native of Charlotte, NC.  She has a passion for teaching and coaching  people to live pro-active, naturally healthy lifestyles.  Via her REJVN8U business, Nancy has assisted more than 600 people to improve their health.

Please visit my website for your Free Healthy Wheel Analysis and Healthy Suggestions. www.rejvn8u.com   Then Your next step is to schedule Your Free Discovery Session. Look forward to getting to know you and if I may be of assistance to you.

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